Drop-in Tubs are a Unique Style

G.P. — An oval drop-in tub has a different design and an unusually pleasant look that many homeowners find extra desirable. The tub can sit on top of a finished deck with a regular installation and be placed on a diagonal angle in a corner or along a wall. A curved bath deck is also a complimentary design that goes along with this type of tub. Some purchasers even like the style so much that they build their deck to easily accommodate and delightfully feature the tub! The shape also allows a larger portion of the granite decking or tile to be more visible. You can choose from a soaking tub, an air bath, a whirlpool bathtub, a therapy tub, or certain combinations.

The Izzi Bath Line is an excellent example of a source for a variety of drop-in tubs. Some of its offerings give you a good idea of what is available on today’s market when you are searching for what you want to build or remodel in your bathroom or on your deck together with the features and the benefits of each.

One oval tub is 36″ x 66″ x 20″ deep. While the size seems very compact, it is surprisingly comfortable for bathers of average to heavy weight and height and even roomy because of the design and angles. It has a contoured seating for one and arm rests. Another model of the same size has a raised head rest, a sloped back rest, and wide flanges.

When you want to get fancier and more elegant, you can choose a two-person extra deep tub that is 41″ x 70″ x 22″ and has arm rests and high head rests on each end. You can also add an air bath or therapy system. This would certainly be the centerpiece of your master bath.

For the crowning jewel of this type of tub, picture one that is 50″ x 74″ x 18.5″, roomy enough for two people, and comes with a built-in waterfall instead of a faucet so the water can cascade down into the bath!

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