Eduardo Cruz: The New Guy in the life of Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria and her new beau, Eduardo Cruz–younger brother of Penelope Cruz

I was so enamored in the fairy tale wedding of actress Eva Longoria to NBA hoopstar Tony Parker a few years back. It was held in Paris and everything was just picture-perfect. About two years, I think, I learned that they are already divorced. And I am like, what? And here is another, what? She is dating another younger guy in the person of Eduardo Cruz.

Tony is accused of cheating on Eva that is why they parted ways and consummated their pre-nuptial agreement. Sigh…all the effort and money spent on their lovely wedding and it was all gone.

Anyway, who is Eduardo Cruz? He is the 25-year-old younger brother of actress Penelope Cruz. He is a singer and songwriter and also 10 years younger than Eva. Will Eva be like another Madonna who can’t stay in one marriage and even at 50 still continues to date younger men? Eva is gorgeous, no doubt about that. But honestly, I think that she should really find somebody her age or older than her who she can settle down with. These younger men are just passing. She is not getting any younger. As you may recall, her former husband is also so much younger than her.

Young guys are good for young girls. Their interests differ because of the generational difference. I would think that Eduardo Cruz comes from a generation that I cannot understand. He is probably into fast cars with blaque diamond rims–things I don’t understand. You see, I am about the same age as Eva and I cannot relate to the issues of the younger set in church, who are about the same age as Eduardo. So I dunno, maybe Eva Longoria is just hip. But really, if she is looking for a long-term marriage, she should look for somebody older than her. Eduardo Cruz maybe exciting now, but will he be as exciting next year? Maybe Eva should watch Eat Pray Love?

Eduardo Cruz had the name “Eva” tattooed on his arm after a romantic getaway with the actress.

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