Eight Loving Messages for My Husband

Our family during Father’s Day this year. I am 6 months pregnant in the picture.

Dear Babe,

This is not my original composition. Rather, I copied this from another wife’s blog the Time-Warp Wife. But it pretty much sums up who you are so I thought of copying her points and putting in my own message.

1. I’m proud of you – I’m proud to be your wife, to call you my husband and to have you as the father of our children. You’re a good man whose character is the evidence of your strong faith in God.

2. You’re a great father – Tonight, as you spend time with our relatives while Dindin and I stayed home, she told me to send you a text message, as follows: “Papa I really miss you. But you can kiss my love. And our sins are forgiven. And I really, really, really REALLY love you! Good night Papa! I really love you.” She told me what to key in and she read it before I sent it. I believe that despite the incoherence, she just wants to express her overwhelming love for you that she cannot fully explain. Because you also love her so much, too.

3. You’re the best husband EVER – You are my best friend, my confidante, my lover, and the keeper of my heart. You love me and protect me, sometimes far beyond my comprehension. You only have my best interest in mind. You love me with all your heart. You are one of my greatest blessings from God, and indeed, “your love is a gift that I open every day.” And the best thing is, no matter how I look on the outside, you don’t seem to mind and you always affirm to me that I am the most beautiful for you. Priceless. 😀

4. Thank you for your tireless efforts – You do not only work hard to provide for us but after work, you do your best to help out in the tasks and chores.

5. We appreciate the little things you do – Both Dindin and I appreciate whatever little gestures of love that you show us. They need not be elaborate, because we know that these are expressions of your genuine love for us.

6. I want to grow old with you – Who else would I want to grow old with but with the one who has loved me, understood me, and accepted me the way I am.

7. I love you …..

8. You are a good friend – Sometimes I wonder why you spend so much time on Facebook. But I know the answer. You love and care for your friends. You want to be updated about their lives and you take time to chat with people, send them encouraging words or links to online articles that they might need or you think that can help them. You challenge them to do what is right and you direct them to God. Most of all, you try to be there when they need you. When you ask the question, “How are you?” you are sincere in that because you want to know how they are doing in their lives and you are willing to listen if they want to share their problems with you.

I am truly blessed that you have chosen me above all women to be your wife. And I am proud to be by your side.


9 thoughts on “Eight Loving Messages for My Husband

  1. Thank you Babe! This is heart fattening (nakakataba ng puso man abi sa tagalog.)! And this encourages me to continue to be a better man, to improve, and to learn to love you some more. But all that is made possible as I learn the love of God–how wide and long and high and deep is His love. And as I learn to accept that love can I learn to purely love you, too.

    1. In the past, I never really understood how much you love me. In my finite mind, I would rebel and resist because I have my own ideas of what love is. Thankfully, after quite a long time, I realized that you love with no malice and no fault. Thank you, Babe, for showing me God’s love in our marriage. 😀

  2. wow,a heart warming message,your husband must be very happy upon readimh this :),wish i could think of loving message foy my husband too

  3. You’re so sweet to your husband. You remind me of my parents. They might not be the emotional type of people(they show their love for each other in the funniest ways haha), but I’m sure my mom can totally relate to this. More power to you and this blog! <3

  4. eventhough it is not your original composition,still….it has an impact that a part in my heart smile and said wow i must also write a message like this to my husband,love it so much,kilig!!!

    1. teehee Glad that it inspired you to do the same. Yeah, though we wives serve our husbands, it will also be nice to feel love when we send them letters or notes like these. 😀 God bless your marriage, too! 😀

  5. Your husby’s so lucky to have a wife like you who expresses what she feels for him. Guys love that. 🙂

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