Empathy and Service: MORE Power’s Dedication to Consumers

Will Negros Power bring to Central Negros MORE Power’s dedication to their consumers? Electric distribution utilities occasionally require power shutdowns to ensure the upkeep of their equipment and facilities. However, what if utilities, such as MORE Power, elevate their service by demonstrating empathy towards their consumers? Central Negros eagerly anticipates that Negros Power will emulate the same level of dedication to consumer care exhibited by MORE Power.

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MORE Power’s Dedication to Service

Primelectric Holdings Inc., the sister company of MORE Power, has entered a Joint Venture Agreement with Central Negros Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CENECO). The JVA has resulted in Negros Power which will soon manage the power distribution in Bacolod City and Central Negros.

At the moment, Negros Power is yet to get its franchise approved. The Lower House has already given their approval. It is now the Senate deliberating on approving it also. Then once President Bongbong Marcos receives it from the senate, he also needs to sign in for approval as one of the final steps in this process.

Scheduled Power Interruption

CENECO’s scheduled power interruptions may be necessary. But as time went by, instead of the power stability improving, it seems the fluctuations and brownouts are becoming longer and more frequent. So, I’m wondering if they are really conducting maintenance work to improve their services. The news last year that most of their facilities have not been properly maintained makes us ask, “What has CENECO been doing all this time?”

MORE Power, on the other hand, did something out of the ordinary. While they schedule a power shutdown, they are transparent with the consumers because they continuously provide updates. But they also did more than that.


Dealing with power interruptions is never easy, but MORE Power Iloilo goes above and beyond to make it bearable for its customers. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is exceptional, setting a high standard of service that Negros Power, or NEPC, is also sure to provide soon. They not only gave periodic updates on their maintenance work, but they also did more.

Going the Extra Mile During Disruptions

Despite having to shut down power for maintenance last April 28, 2024, MORE Power Iloilo shows remarkable empathy towards its customers. They understand the inconvenience of long outages, so they send out mobile generators to affected areas. This allowed people to charge their devices for free during the 12-hour disruptions. Additionally, they provide free cold water for washing and laundry, making life a bit easier for everyone.

Keeping Customers Informed and Supported

During maintenance outages, MORE Power Iloilo keeps its customers informed every step of the way. They provide regular updates and clear communication, ensuring that people know what’s happening and when to expect power back. By offering alternative power options and essential utilities like cold water, MORE Power Iloilo doesn’t just restore electricity–they show they care about their customers’ well-being.

Bringing The Same Empathy to Central Negros

As Negros Power gets ready to start serving Central Negros, they’re taking a page from MORE Power Iloilo’s book. Following the footsteps of their sister company’s compassionate approach, Negros Power pledges to prioritize customer needs. By focusing on empathy-driven service, they aim to build trust and satisfaction among their customers from day one. MORE Power’s dedication to their consumers is something all power du’s must also give their consumers.

More Power Iloilo, MORE Power, Negros Power, Negros Electric and Power Corp, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, summer, Philippines, power outages, brownouts, water, free clean water, water rationing

Empathy: A Core Value

MORE Power Iloilo’s empathy-centered approach highlights the importance of putting customers first in the power industry. By showing they care about their customers’ comfort and convenience, MORE Power Iloilo not only restores power but also restores faith in their service. With empathy at its core, MORE Power Iloilo sets a new standard for excellence in customer satisfaction—a standard that Negros Power is ready to embrace in Central Negros.

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