Encouragement After Losing Your Wedding Ring

Please allow me to post this open letter to my husband, who is still feeling sad after losing his wedding ring last week.

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Dear Babe,

A couple of days ago, you told me with a heavy heart that you lost your wedding ring. You said that you have a strong feeling that it fell on the sand on the beach when we had our outing last week. And you said that you were pretty sure that it is really gone because you remembered leaving it on the table in our room and coming back to get it.

While I did feel a tad sad with you that you lost something that you cherish, I did not feel offended nor did I get angry at you. It was clearly unintentional–you did not do it on purpose. I know you already feel bad about it and adding to it by getting upset would not solve the problem–you will just feel all the more bad as well as alienated to me. And that is the farthest thing that I would want.

I know that if this happened when we just got married, a big fight would have ensued. We would both be feeling bad and defeated. We may say that maybe we have matured in our relationship that is why we are not fighting over this, but I think that it is God’s work in our lives, pulling us closer together, that this loss is not something to argue about.

Even though the wedding ring is the symbol of our covenant to each other made before God and the witnesses in our marriage, and it is supposed to be the most enduring item from the wedding ceremony, it is just that–a symbol. And even if the symbol is gone, what it symbolizes isn’t. Your love, commitment, and loyalty to our marriage and our family are beyond reproach. I do not question these and these are far more important than a wedding ring.

If it makes you at all feel better, I just want you to know that I am not hopeless. There is a hope in me that somehow we will find your ring. I don’t know when, but we will. And if we really couldn’t find it, that’s okay, we can have it replaced when we can already afford it.

And with or without the wedding ring, I love you very much and I know that you love me more. YOU ARE ENOUGH. 😀

God bless you!

With much love and respect,
Your wife

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