Escape to Pixie Hollow

Tinkerbell and friends. Photo from the internet.

My daughter is now hooked on Tinkerbell and we watch her videos day in and day out. As in. And I got hooked, too.

I have always been a dreamer and I loved fairy tales as a kid. But honestly, I never seemed to outgrow them.

I love how it is in Pixie Hollow (home of the fairies) because everything is natural–trees, flowers, plants, etc. It is like living in a nature painting. And then of course, you can have pixie dust and fly around if you want.

A fairy’s life is not all rosy though because they also have work to do (according to the story) in order to bring about the changing of the seasons. Fairies, as the Tinkerbell story unfolds, are responsible for the many things happening around us.

But of course, they are not plagued by lack of food, new outfits, or money and investments. It is rather a carefree world. I could live in that.

So when the pressure is too much around here, I would really want to exit from where I am sitting and go to Pixie Hollow. I can live in that magical land! That would be a nice change! haha

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