Fairy Tale Wedding of Petra Ecclestone

Petra Ecclestone rides with her father, Formula 1 Big boss Bernie Ecclestone, in the wedding car before the ceremonies

Young heiress Petra Ecclestone, 22, married her beau, James Stunt, in a lovely fairy tale wedding held at the Odescalchi Castle in the Medieval town of Bracciano, Italy last month. I have been meaning to write about this but I was awe-struck. But I just thought that a wedding of this magnitude deserves a space in my blog. hehe

The Medieval Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, Italy is for rent for special occasions like these at £310,000, which actually includes catering and guests accommodation.

The father of the bride, F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone, spared no expense in holding this lavish affair for his youngest daughter Petra. Earlier this year, Bernie reportedly financed the buying of The Mansion in Los Angeles for Petra that was previously owned by Aaron and Candy Spelling. It will be the US home of Petra and her new husband. The house was reportedly priced at $150 million! By far, it was the biggest real estate sale in American history. Additionally, Mr. Ecclestone bought a £56 million Chelsea home for his daughter in January of this year. This man surely knows how to provide for his daughter. LOL

Anyway, everything about the wedding is grand, most especially the entertainment. After the wedding, fireworks lit up the sky over the castle. There were also acrobats flying all over the castle. And check out this list of entertainers hired for the night and their talent fees–Black Eyed Peas (£1.5million), Alicia Keys (£600,000), Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (£250,000), Andrea Bocelli (£150,000) and Eric Clapton, who sang for free. He must be friends with the family.

Odescalchi Castle is magically lighted up with fireworks.

I am not sure how much the entire wedding costs but I am sure it was more than the £5 million that was earlier reported. James Hunt should better be good to his wife Petra Ecclestone and his new father in law!

Petra and Tamara both had these customized sweat pants, which they wore on the eve of the big wedding. Petra Ecclestone wore white to her rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. Right photo: The bride’s mother Slavica Radic and her older sister, Tamara Ecclestone, who was maid of honour.

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