Fam Time at Pizza Hut

My husband’s aunt is staying with us because she is currently manning the store until my parents-in-law are back from vacation. She is here with us with her only son. Last Friday, we had nothing to do and Dindin kept bugging her for pizza, so she took us out to dinner at Pizza Hut! So we had our family time there.

Afterward, Dindin played on the trampoline that was located in front of Pizza Hut.

By the way, we all had their P99 meal. It was good except for the salad. That was the disappointment. buhuhuhu And I had to order it. waaaaa


6 thoughts on “Fam Time at Pizza Hut

  1. Hi Dindin’s momma ehhehehe thnks again for joining!! I love the 99 meal ng pizza hut 🙂 sakto lang sakin :)) but i dnt order the salad kasi soup ako 🙂 ehhehehe nice fam bonding! see you aain next week! 😉

  2. It’s nice to bond with the aunts and uncles once in a while. It’s been so long since we last bonded with my parents’ sibling. Hopefully we’ll get the chance soon just like yours.

    Curious ako sa P99 meal ng Pizza Hut. I saw a flier with P139 meal naman for dinner time.

    our family time: shadow play

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