Fashion Designer Jian Lasala Finds God and Turns Back on Homosexuality

What can man do if God calls him? Respond and surrender. This is exactly what happened to Filipino fashion designer Jian Lasala. Now, he is fearlessly sharing his testimony and proclaiming God.

fashion designer jian lasala - homosexuality - same-sex marriage - Victory Fort - born again - Bacolod blogger - Christianity - repentance
Fashion designer Jian Lasala during one of his shows.

Fashion Designer Jian Lasala is Born Again

I have met Filipino fashion designer Jian Lasala when he launched his creations here in Bacolod City. And we connected on Facebook.

He is famous and on the top of his game. He is one of the most sought-after young fashion designers.

Recently, I have been seeing him post about finding God. But the most moving testimony he shared was when he publicly renounced homosexuality.

Jian is not ashamed of God and what He did in his life. Read his testimony below. Brought tears to my eyes.

Personal Testimony
Jian’s powerful and moving testimony that he first shared on Facebook.

Why I am running away and turning my back on Homosexuality by Jian Lasala

“It is not my place to convict nor condemn my gay friends about their lifestyle because I love them,” Jian starts. He said that he knows how it feels when people condemn gays because of their choices.

fashion designer jian lasala - homosexuality - same-sex marriage - Victory Fort - born again - Bacolod blogger - Christianity - repentance
Jian’s testimony that he originally published on Facebook.

“Christians and Catholics (who do not know Jesus Christ for who He really is) are the sole reasons why Homosexual men and women will never turn to Christ because they are using religion to spread hate. But Jesus Christ is all about love and His love is the sole reason why I am running away from homosexuality.”

God’s Love

“THE LORD LOVES ME,” Jian says. “In fact, HE WAS SO PERSISTENT IN PURSUING ME that He sent His messengers in the persona of Camille and Shiloe to share His good news to me. And He also used my brother JM so that I could witness the manifestation of His love in very close proximity.”

fashion designer jian lasala - homosexuality - same-sex marriage - Victory Fort - born again - Bacolod blogger - Christianity - repentance
Friends who never gave up. Small group leaders Shiloe Yang Villarama and Camille Vertucio were instrumental to Jian’s new journey. They are both small group leaders at Victory.

But Jian acknowledged that he was “a slave to sin, and was blinded, I rejected the idea of the Lord pursuing me because I could not hear or see Him.” Nevertheless, he said that the Lord was persistent to win him.

Instant Transformation

When he surrendered himself to the Lord, “I received Him completely. HE TRANSFORMED MY LIFE IN AN INSTANT! It did not take days nor months to restore whatever I have lost in the last 10 years,” Jian relates.

fashion designer jian lasala - homosexuality - same-sex marriage - Victory Fort - born again - Bacolod blogger - Christianity - repentance
Jian’s bridal couture business is fluorishing.

Jian felt that he is the right track because he is feeling God’s outpouring of blessings. his bookings for bridal ensembles increased. “The sum of a year’s inquiries and bookings was given back to me in a matter of weeks. Yes, it was that quick!”

The Issue of Homosexuality

This young man confesses that he is gay. However, “the love of the Lord (through His grace) inspired me to give up (my old lifestyle) including homosexuality. Because the Lord deserves everything from me. What He did to my life in the last 3 months was just so amazing! … And the Lord even revealed my future and it was so great!”


“The Lord’s revelation of my future sealed the deal and made me give up so many things, … including homosexuality and even pornography. And through His pursuits, my life has slowly changed (some struggles disappeared at an instant while some are still a work in progress).”

Conviction vs. Gratitude

In his testimony, Jian clarifies that he did not give up homosexuality because the gospel convicted him. Instead, he did so because he knows and feels that the Lord pursued him and that God deserves everything. The change happened because of “love.”

fashion designer jian lasala - homosexuality - same-sex marriage - Victory Fort - born again - Bacolod blogger - Christianity - repentance
Jian says that he had the best birthday celebration this year because of his rebirth. He found the Lord.

“I do not need to be “manly” to be straight and even have to change or isolate myself from my gay friends just because I have found my true identity with the Lord. Being straight with the Lord means living a righteous life and a life according to his will,” he says.

Jian also clarifies, “I love my gay brothers and the society can give me whatever labels. That’s your call but again my identity with Christ is different. I will still hang out with my gay brother and sisters because if I will not be with them, how can they see Jesus Christ for who He really is?” Spoken by a true believer who understands God’s grace.

A Message for His Gay Friends

Jian also has this to say to his gay friends. “The Lord loves you. And my prayer is that you seek Him as He constantly seeks for you. Don’t mind the bible verses but think for once of God’s love and what God can do for you. I will still be your sis, mare, girl, ate, etc whatever that will be BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! YOU ARE MY BROTHERS IN CHRIST! And remember, whatever the Lord has done for me will be possible with you. And I can assure you of that.”

My prayer is this, that all of you here will repent and choose the Lord while you still have time. Make Him your first love. He is the only one who keeps promises, loves you unconditionally, keeps you healthy, makes your dreams come true, provides for you and will never let you go hungry or thirsty and will make your earthly life fruitful while you await in joining Him in heaven and for His return. Trust me, Jesus Christ is the key to my joyfulness. It isn’t too late.

Jian Lasala

A New Beginning for Jian

Jian met the Lord through one of the small group leaders he was meeting, Shiloe Yang Villarama. It was sometime in February 2019. He was baptized at Every Nation – Victory Fort last May 25, 2019.

“Technically speaking, I received and was already walking with the Lord in the last 3 months. It’s just that the journey and preparation was long and essential so that I will understand and get to know the Lord for who He really is.

His View on Marriage

When asked about the possibility of a future marriage to a woman someday, Jian says, “I am open but I’d rather stay single. I believe that the Lord will give me a flock of sheep to shepherd. So I believe that is already more than enough of having a child and a wife of my own.” He acknowledges though that “it’s up to the Lord. I can adopt though. The baby (a son) has to be oriental of descent.”

Homosexual Relationships

Jian bravely admits that he has had three homosexual relationships in the past. But, “I was never happy. It did not make me complete. These guys (including those of whom I have dated) have broken my heart many times. I felt that the Lord never wanted that for me. There was some sort of disconnect between me and the other person.”

He recalls, “Whatever I was doing then with men was nothing fulfilling. It was all about having s3x and there was nothing meaningful about it.

On the Same-Sex Marriage Proposed by Congress

“I will not say yes or no regarding this. All I can say is this, they can go ahead and push for the bill,” Jian says. He explains, “The Lord gave us the freedom to choose and make our own decisions. They can alter the sanctity of marriage and unions. However, we are all fully aware that even though the Lord is merciful, He is also a just God. And He will make His sovereignty known to mankind when He returns.”

Jian again clarifies, “We should not condemn our gay brothers and sisters because they are also having a hard time getting to know the Lord because the Catholic Church is condemning them a lot. Even some Christians do! We as Christians (even though we know the truth) have a very big responsibility.”

He believes that Christians should not only spread the gospel but also to spread love and be like Jesus Christ. “Jesus Christ is the truth, the way and the light. He is also about love and a giver of life. So we need to continue passing on the true legacy of Jesus Christ and God’s greatest commandment– which is all about LOVE” Jian says.

An Encouragement for Fellow Christians

As a new Christian who wants to win more souls for God, Jian says, “Let’s just continue to pray for our gay brothers and sisters that they will seek the Lord and get to know Him for who He really is. The Lord is tirelessly pursuing everyone of us. And pray for our legislators to fear the Lord and put the Lord always first in their hearts and in their minds. We cannot deny the truth and it is our responsibility as Christians to love our lost brothers and sisters because we are no different than them.

Wow! God bless you Jian in your walk with the Lord!

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