FastCat Ferry Bacolod-Iloilo RORO

FastCat Ferry Bacolod-Iloilo RORO

Enjoy a comfortable, convenient, and safe passage for your family travel and your vehicles from Bacolod to Iloilo on board the FastCat Ferry.

FastCat Ferry RORO - Bacolod-Iloilo - family sea travel - Philippines
The FastCat Ferry RORO that plies the Bacolod-Iloilo route.

Many times, when people from Bacolod travel to Iloilo, it’s just balikan — meaning they go in the morning and come back on the last trip, which could be late in the afternoon or early evening. That is because, most of (if not all) the regional government offices are in Iloilo City, so we need to cross the sea for a one-hour ferry ride just to manage our affairs with the government.

Still, there are those who prefer to bring their vehicles with them because at least, they get to drive around Iloilo City using their own cars. This is especially true if you have stuff to buy or just have to many errands to attend to. Or, you are with your entire family, so having your own car makes it more practical to go around the City of Love.

The RORO Solution

So if you want to bring your vehicle along for a drive to Iloilo, whether it’s a bus, pickup truck, car, van, or even a motorcycle, you have to take the Roll On-Roll Off (RORO) way. These ferries are big and can accommodate vehicles. One such efficient service is FastCat Ferry from Bacolod to Iloilo.

FastCat Ferry RORO - Bacolod-Iloilo - family sea travel - Philippines
The FastCat Ferry RORO from Bacolod to Iloilo.

While fast ferry catamarans just bring people and some cargo, the FastCat Ferry for RORO is big and can haul in vehicles and heavy loads.

FastCat Ferry Bacolod to Iloilo

FastCat Ferry from Bacolod to Iloilo is a safe and state-of-the-art RORO vessel.

Fast Cat is run by Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corporation (APFC). It is a company that was founded to provide a vital maritime link between the country’s many islands. Since its incorporation in 2002, APFC has become a trusted shipping company that owns and operates the Philippines’ first and only catamaran Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) ferries.

FastCat Ferry RORO - Bacolod-Iloilo - family sea travel - Philippines
Part of the engine room of FastCat Ferry.

They also have modernized ports and terminals in the eastern and western Philippine sea route.

More importantly, FastCat Ferry crew are well-trained and competent, ready to serve the riding public. They undergo regular training to ensure that they are updated with the latest technology, information, and international best practices to ensure passenger safety.

FastCat Ferry RORO - Bacolod-Iloilo - family sea travel - Philippines
The navigation room of the FastCat Ferry manned by well-trained maritime personnel.

These continuous education of the staff not only uplifts their level of competency and quality of service but also keeps them always on their toes with regards to maintaining operational standards.

I was really impressed knowing about the capabilities and features of this sea-craft. It actually helps one lay back, relax and enjoy the trip when you know what kind of vessel you are in. What also excites me is that APFC has now set the standards in the sea transport industry.

FastCat Iloilo Tour

Aside from its mission to connect the country’s islands and neighboring countries by providing safe, fast, and convenient ferry transport system, FastCat Ferry also aims to promote the country’s diverse culture and tourist attractions.

FastCat Ferry RORO - Bacolod-Iloilo - family sea travel - Philippines
Travelling business class to Iloilo on board FastCat Ferry.

A couple of weeks back, the Bacolod bloggers  were treated to a hectic but fun Iloilo heritage tour, courtesy of FastCat Ferry and Philtranco — a premier Philippine bus company that is also dedicated to bring Filipinos all around the islands. Although Iloilo City, an old city is full of history, it is vibrant in modern developments especially in commerce. However, most of the destinations of our tour, dubbed as “Iloilo: A Trip to the Heart of the Past”, are historical or heritage attractions.

FastCat Ferry RORO - Bacolod-Iloilo - family sea travel - Philippines - Philtranco
On board the Philtranco bus for our Iloilo heritage tour.

In Iloilo, we visited the Miag-ao Church, the San Joaquin Cemetery, the Garin Farm, and Camina Balay nga Bato. We also went to eat at iconic Iloilo restaurants like Netong’s La Paz Batchoy and Breakthrough Seafood Restaurant. I never knew that we could finish everything in one day! I am planning to write a separate blog about my experience.

FastCat Ferry RORO - Bacolod-Iloilo - family sea travel - Philippines
Enjoying the sunrise on board the FastCat Ferry.

Being a homeschooling family that treats every chance to travel a field trip or an educational trip, we had planned to visit some of these attractions. But I am not sure if my kids would be up to it–I think this kind of tour is only for grown-ups or big kids, as the trip starts early in the morning and ends very late in the evening. Or maybe the best thing is to spend a night in Iloilo City if you have kids with you.

About Philtranco

Philtranco is one of the largest and oldest Philippine bus transport company in the Philippines plying routes from Luzon to Mindanao. It is their advocacy to provide air-conditioned, first-class bus transport vehicles to every Filipino.

FastCat Ferry RORO - Bacolod-Iloilo - family sea travel - Philippines
The Philtranco bus that took us Bacolod bloggers on our Iloilo heritage tour.

]They continue to operate under an unbroken tradition of serving the routes of Southern Tagalog, Bicol, Eastern Visayas and Mindanao regions through its growth.

The FastCat Advantage

So aside from being able to bring your vehicles and your person across the sea, what else are the advantages of FastCat Ferry RORO Bacolod to Iloilo?

FastCat Ferry RORO - Bacolod-Iloilo - family sea travel - Philippines
The non-aircon area of FastCat Ferry. Nice time to reflect with the sea breeze blowing on your face. Just use sunblock though.
  • Several trips a day. There are four trips daily. Each trip takes about two hours for a single way.
  • Affordability. You would be surprised how affordable it is to bring your car on the FastCat Ferry RORO.
  • Comfort. The FastCat Ferry is super comfortable. Even the open-air economy class is quite comfortable.
  • Safety. I do feel secure on the FastCat Ferry because it’s big. Safe for people and vehicles.
FastCat Ferry RORO - Bacolod-Iloilo - family sea travel - Philippines
Cars secured on board the FastCat Ferry.

FastCat Ferry Iloilo-Bacolod Schedule

Check the FastCat Ferry RORO schedule for the Bacolod-Iloilo route. You four schedules to choose from. They start early and end late.

Iloilo                      Bacolod
Departure            Departure

8:00AM                    5:00AM
2:00PM                    11:00AM
8:00PM                    5:00PM
2:00AM                    11:00PM

FastCat Passenger Rates Iloilo-Bacolod

Below, find the rates of FastCat Ferry RORO Bacolod-Iloilo route (one way) as of February 2018. Children below 3 years old are FREE.

                                   Full Fare   Student    Senior/PWD    Children (3-7)
Business Class             P300            P240               P214                          P150
Premium Economy     P250             P200               P179                          P125
Economy                      P200             P160                P143                         P100

FastCat Ferry RORO - Bacolod-Iloilo - family sea travel - Philippines
Motorcycles on board the FastCat Ferry going to Iloilo.

For freight rates of vehicles on the FastCat Ferry RORO, click this link.

FastCat Ferry Tour

Tour inside the FastCat Ferry in photos.

FastCat Ferry RORO - Bacolod-Iloilo - family sea travel - Philippines
Check out the FastCat Ferry RORO Bacolod-Iloilo in pictures.

FastCat Ferry RORO Routes

Here are the routes of FastCat Ferry around the Philippines. They sure are serious in connecting the islands.

  • Batangas – Calapan
  • Bulalacao – Caticlan
  • Iloilo – Bacolod 
  • Dumaguete – Dapitan
  • San Carlos – Toledo
  • Cebu – Tubigon
  • Matnog – San Isidro
  • Liloan – Lipata
FastCat Ferry RORO - Bacolod-Iloilo - family sea travel - Philippines
Snack bar on board.

For more information, visit their website:








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