Father’s Day 2009 at SM City Bacolod

I already live with my husband’s family and so the exact date of Father’s Day, my husband and baby went with our big family to have lunch.
My parents at Rai Rai Ken.
But a few days later, it was our time to celebrate with my own father. They wanted so much to dine at Rai Rai Ken at SM City Bacolod because they love the food there. However, because of the big servings, it is not wise to eat there for only two persons. So they always ask us to go with them.

And that day was just the perfect occasion. We went to the mall around 11:30am. We dressed up Dindin warmly as it was raining at that time. The baby was very excited to come with us. But when we got to SM City Bacolod North Wing, she was already fast asleep. So we just put her on the stroller and we proceeded to have our lunch. We enjoyed the big servings of fried rice, misono, noodle soup (which Rai Rai Ken is famous for), and of course, sushi! My Nanay and Tatay were very satisfied with our meal! Thankfully, Dindin woke up while we were already finishing our lunch, so we were able to eat without having to take care of her. She woke up in time for the picture taking. As you can see below, she still wasn’t in the mood because she just woke up.
My daughter Dindin is their first grandchild.
After the meal, we went to Ace Hardware because my parents needed a change of water purifier at their home. They got a good bargain there, I think they saved P1,000 because the purifier was on sale. Eventually, I decided to get it for them as a gift.

While they were at Ace Hardware, Dindin was with them, as I had to go to the Smart Telecoms branch for the renewal of my subscription plan. They said Dindin enjoyed looking around at the wares at Ace, and she seemed to be getting used to the baby carrier that we just used that day. She was responding well to the fact that she was facing the world while she was being carried, so she enjoyed her tour so much.

On the side, my parents also passed by the customer service area as they had bills to pay. They find it very convenient to pay their bills there because of the short lines.

Below is another pic that we took in front of the SM Cinemas. Of course, we still can’t bring Dindin inside the theater for obvious reasons, so that will have to wait until she is two years old. For now, we just content ourselves with bringing her around the mall as she is very responsive to the things that she sees.
What a fun day it was!

It was a very fun day for all of us. We had a good meal, got the things we need, and even got to do our errands at SM City Bacolod. Never mind that it was late when we celebrated Father’s Day—it is the thought that counts. After all, being a father knows no end.

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