Filling Up My Happiness Journal 2014

When the New Year kicked in, I saw many people in my Facebook news feeds who have started their happiness jars.

It is really nothing specific. It can be any regular jar but the contents are what makes the jar special. The mechanics is that, whenever something makes you happy, you write it down on a sheet of paper and put it inside the jar. By the end of the year, you can read how life has been good to you.

My happiness journal and pen. 🙂

In my case, I am a sucker for notebooks so I prefer using one. And since my brother gave me a Starbucks 2014 planner last Christmas and didn’t quite know what to use it for, I decided to make it my Happiness Journal 2014 instead.

I am a generally happy and thankful person. But I also have bouts of melancholia and depression because I have the melancholic temperament. Add to that seasonal affective disorder and PMS, then you get a really weepy person.

But I know that I am very blessed in many aspects. I may not be financially wealthy right now, but God has blessed me in ways that money cannot buy. And He has also blessed me with many of my wants. So by far, I know that I am still blessed than most.

So I thought of starting my own Happiness Journal. It is not really to increase the number of blessings, but rather the counting of blessings. It should also remind me of how God has been good to me and family, especially during those times when I am tempted to complain.

Here’s how the pen looks like.

I started doing it last January 1, the first day on the planner. And I had been doing it every day for a week now. It has only been a week, but I already felt a change in me. I feel lighter, not because I am in a better circumstance, but the practice just made me realize how blessed I am in many ways. And in way, it made me forget or overlook my troubles or struggles, if there were any.

Anyway, in terms of aesthetics, I am happy to have the Starbucks planner. Many people covet this and I got it as a gift from my brother. And today, I finally found the perfect pen for this purpose. My hubby’s cousin and family gifted me with this nice sunflower pen. I so love it! For me, sunflower resounds happiness! I think it is a happy and sunny flower and it is just perfect for my happiness journal! I shall call it my happiness pen! What better flower can speak of happiness than a sunflower? So thank you Dan and Mitch for this thoughtful gift. You may not know it when you gave it, but it is perfect. 😀

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