First Anniversary Pictorial

My husband took me driving to the north…finally our belated anniversary day off took place. Actually, it was not entirely an afternoon of fun, as we also gave proposals to clients. Anyway, we went to the Spa by the Sea in Talisay, and also the famous Ruins. Here is what the pictures turned out.

After our Ruins trip, we went back to Bacolod and while my hubby was driving, he turned on the CD player and he sang to the song “We Will Dance”, the song he sang to me during our wedding. Amidst the bumpy ride, my hubby managed to finish the song. He hurriedly burned the songs on a CD when we were supposed to leave. hehe The other songs he sang were “I can’t smile without you”, “You raise me up” “My Girl” and “You are the love of my life.” What a romantic moment. It was like our real anniversary date! (but of course it was real, just a month late! lol) I was just so touched by the effort. And despite the lateness of it all, I couldn’t really feel it–everything was still so special!

Thanks babe!

The Poolside at the Spa by the Sea

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