Floodgates of Heaven Opened

Thank God, jobs are flooding now. Yes, thank God that the new year has ushered in more opportunities for our family to earn some more. Yeah, it will entail hard work, but I have vowed not to be lazy and to work harder and not to say no to jobs even though it is not high paying.

And thank God for all the opportunities coming our way.

Sometimes, though I can’t answer phone calls inside our bedroom where I usually work because Dindin is asleep and my phone conversation can wake her up. During these times, I could really use the handy help of a phone answering service so that I can just get back to the caller at the soonest possible time when I am already convenient.

But no worries here. Not complaining either. I am just happy with all these job opportunities because indeed God has opened heaven’s doors and flooded us with all these blessings.

I can only say, Thank you, Lord, and I will do my best so that Your Name will be glorified in everything I do.

It is the third day of January now and the first official working day after the holidays because today is a Monday. It is going to be a very busy week for all of us. Thank God!

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