foodpanda Bacolod Restaurant Partners Share Success Stories

foodpanda, the on-demand food delivery service in the Philippines, prides itself for delivering food from the best restaurants in Bacolod City. The delivery service aims to make local and delicious food more accessible to Bacolodnons with merely a tap. And some foodpanda Bacolod restaurant partners have experienced success because of this collaboration.

Stay Well-Fed at Home with foodpanda

The community quarantine for Covid-19 keeps us safe. So is the encouragement for all of us to stay at home. But with these depressing news and circumstances, our comfort goes back to food. Sadly though, we could not easily go out and feed our cravings.

Thankfully during the lockdown, we still have foodpanda food delivery service in Bacolod! They definitely have us covered when it comes to our barbeque cravings.

For Korean bbq, ihaw-ihaw, grilled pork, Bacolod chicken inasal — just name it! All it’s all thanks to the hard work and perseverance of foodpanda Bacolod restaurant partners. They kept cooking for the people of Bacolod during the height of the pandemic.

foodpanda Bacolod Restaurant Partners

foodpanda has some of the most awesome Bacolod restaurant partners. Here are the top three success stories straight from the owners themselves:

Ms. Sandra Song, Owner
Mashiso Korean Food Corner

Ms. Song opened Mashiso last 2018. They moved to a bigger place in June 2019. The idea of opening this restaurant was to introduce Korean food and its culture to the people of Bacolod. Mashiso is a Korean term meaning “taste good” or “delicious”, which is they are committed to serving good and tasty food. And they only use quality, natural ingredients.

Serving Korean food to some non-Korean food lovers was really hard. You have to invest your heart and patience. You have to explain the ingredients used and its health benefits to the body. We made flyers and gave free food tasting to neighboring offices. We also conducted events to attract customers.

During the first year of operation, they struggled to pay their operational expenses. But getting into the online food delivery platform helped them build up our sales.

“The best part of my job was when my customers go out of my restaurant saying “I’m so full that I can’t stand up”. I feel so happy and fulfilled every time. I gained my strength and inspiration to do more for the people I meet every day,” Ms. Song enthuses.

With technology, marketing strategies, ads, social media and discount vouchers, foodpanda became popular as a food delivery service in Bacolod. “Its popularity helped us increase our sales, build our brand name, and made us visible to the public,” she says.

Ms. Marika Jean Jalando-on, Owner
Mika Con Sasa Seafood and Grill House

“My husband was the one who persuaded me to open an eatery. He believed that we could make it in the food business because he sees me as a good cook. It was the year 2016 when Mika Con Sasa was established,” related Ms. Jalando-on.

“I would always tell myself to never lose the passion from the beginning. and I always keep in mind how and why I started in the first place.” The owner of Mika Con Sasa believes that one’s attitude affects the business.

“Since both my husband and I do not come from a well-off family, we don’t have enough savings to start a business. Instead, we had to apply for a loan. We experienced a lot of struggles at first but we didn’t give up because we knew that our efforts will pay off in the end. We hope to see more Mika Con Sasa branches across the Visayas in the future,” she declares.

Ms. Debbie Vinco, Owner
Umbao Chicken

Umbao Chicken has already been operating for several years and is a known Bacolod chicken inasal brand. “We just took over the business and started on March 15, 2018, under new management. The name “UMBAO” came from the family name of the previous owner. We just decided to leave it that way,” Ms. Vinco relates.

She admits that there were a lot of struggles and challenges when they started their business. But she says that the best part about the job is the process. “Every day is different. There are new challenges and solving these situations together with well-trained staff is really fun and fulfilling. I hope to see myself having branches of our stores in other regions,” she says.

Being part of an online food delivery platform helped their business to grow. It also helped them in terms of marketing and reaching customers.

“The advice that I could give to aspiring entrepreneurs is to always be humble and appreciate the little things that your employees do. Treat your workers as humans and as family. Show them respect, and lastly, show them that your success is their success, too,” Ms. Vinco closes.

Stay Safe

To our fellow Filipinos, stay safe during this Covid-19 pandemic. We cannot see our enemy. Stay at home and if you have a craving, order from foodpanda.

I am blessed to have a wife who can cook good meals, but if ever we have cravings, we just order. The contactless delivery by foodpanda is just so helpful and keeps us safe, too.

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