Four Reasons Why We Need a Househelp — He Said

My two lovely daughters…but taking care of them can while also working, breastfeeding, and trying to keep our living quarters straight can also take its toll on me.

Up until last night, more than a month after we let our helper go, my husband and I are still no seeing eye to eye about the issue. Not until this morning. He wants to hire a helper and I don’t. And I misunderstood his motives, too. But here, in a text message because he is traveling as part of a group from Victory Bacolod in order to bring relief to victims of Typhoon Yolanda, he summed up his reasons why he wants us to hire a helper:

1. So that you will not get so tired to the point of having a bad mood. If your bad moods will not go away, at least they are lessened.

2. We can do things that will be helpful to us as husband and wife. And also have strength to do things with the kids.

3. Yes, I also want comfort. Who doesn’t? Don’t you like to be comfortable as well? But to as to willing to make sacrifices, I am willing to do it if that is the better option. The way I see the situation now, I don’t think it is.

4. I do have a lot of things that I WANT and NEED to do but can’t because of your decision not to hire a helper. And it is mostly work-related. I have told you many times that I have so many things to do and more is expected of me.

And he also told me not to challenge his tolerance of giving up comforts for the sake of the children.

My husband knows me–inside and out. He knows when and why I get bad moods (especially if I lack sleep) and how I fail miserably in dealing with them. Most times, my tendency is to vent my frustrations on Dindin. She is not a naughty kid–she is just being a kid. And since I am in a bad mood, I have very little tolerance if she keeps bugging me.

Sigh…I understand my husband’s points. And honestly, I already told him to look for one. But he knows my predicament now and that how I am afraid to delegate tasks to the helper that we will just end up paying for naught. So he said he knows that at this point, it is useless to hire. But at least, we understood each other.

Thank God for open communication–though it took several arguments to finally understand each other.

11 thoughts on “Four Reasons Why We Need a Househelp — He Said

  1. Everyday with 4 and 1 y/o toddler while pregnant is really a challenge and I can’t believe I was able to survive lol but indeed Lack of sleep, household chores, kids being a handful at times could really be a challenge. There are also times that I vent my frustrations to my eldest, it’s unintentional but it tend to happen most of the times. Now that I just recently gave birth, I know that I’m facing more obligations, just thinking about it already drives me crazy, but I know that I’ll get use to it soon.

    1. Wow! You have a 3rd one coming! Well, it’s true. After a while, you will get used to it. On the first week, I sooooo tired. Now, it isn’t so much. But still trying to control my temper on the eldest. kawawa naman. πŸ™

      Congrats on your new baby sis! πŸ˜€

  2. Maganda naman po tlga sa mag patner ang pag uusapan ang lahat ng bagay,mas makakabuti na din ito sa relationship nyong dalawa,at kung kayo din 2 ang mag de decision..

  3. akala ko ako lang nakakaexperienced ng ganon, ung napapagalitan mo ung panganay na anak dahil sa pagod, puyat or maybe post partum syndrome lol. kaya minsan naguguilty ako ako pag sinasabi ng eldest ko na hindi na raw sya love mula ng dumating ung kapatid nya, kaya pinaliwanag ko mabuti sa knya na hindi ganon na pareho ko silang love.

  4. I’m actually had same problems before. Ako naman yung may gusto ng yaya, coz I wanted to work again. However, my husband wanted me to stay at home and take care of the baby. He actually won over me. πŸ™‚ Okay talaga pag naguusap ang mag-asawa. πŸ™‚

  5. i already had a helper before but since i dont have work i think i can manage to do the things at home and since were newly married we still dont have much kaya tipid tipid din pg my time.:)

  6. maganda talaga pag mag-uusap ang mag-asawa,. atleast masasabi mo lahat ng gusto mo,. pwd mo tlgang i-open sa kanya yung mga opinion mo,. pag ganyan, mas lalong tumatatag ang pagsasama nyo,.

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