Free Food from McDonalds

Thanks to the promo of Metrobank credit cards, we were able to get many free meals this year from McDonalds. We had fried chicken, burger, spaghetti, ice cream, and French fries–yeah, all of them–all from this promo.

In order not to get used to the fast food that McDonalds offer, we scheduled our visits to the store. We used our free receipts whenever we went out or if we have play dates with friends so that we will not have to spend on food. Additionally, we did not want to eat food from McDo consecutively because of the health hazards–mostly the high cholesterol, sodium, and trans fat content in their offerings. We all know that right? If not, then you might want to search out for a mcdonalds nutrition chart. That should help you gauge whatever you are eating at McDonalds.

Anyway, we believe in the quality of the food served at McDonalds, at least in the sanitary kind of way. And we like the taste, too. However, well, too much of everything is just isn’t good. So the best thing to do is for me not really avoidance but rather moderation. If you eat French Fries once a month, you will have lesser risk than one who eats it once a week or worse, once a day, right? That is my philosophy for everything.

I believe that practicing everything in moderation will also help us control our kids’ intake of junk food, rather than totally avoiding them when they are bombarded with commercials and whenever they see their friends eating what many people would call “junk food.”

Anyway, thank you Metrobank for all the free food that we got. 😀

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