Getting a Facial in a Dermaclinic

The last time I had a facial was on the last week of August because my face was bedecked with pimples and we were supposed to attend a cousin’s wedding on September 3. A friend of mine working at a spa asked me if I also wanted a body scrub using dead sea minerals but I said that wasn’t necessary. After all, I was not the bride.

I just wanted my face to clean and clear of those nasty red bumps. But after the facial, I had more breakouts. That was just natural because some of the comedones needed to come out. I just needed another follow up facial but was not able to go…up until now.

This is really troubling me. I don’t like to be a high maintenance person because honestly, I don’t have the time, budget, and patience for it. But my face is really troubling me. I get really big pimples that are deep seated that it will stay there for long because there is no outlet, even if you prick it. The best thing to do is to get a steroid injection to stop the inflammation. It is very painful but the bump will really get smaller in hours only.

However, the downside to a steroid injection on my pimple is that the area gets depressed after a long while. It seems that the steroid dries up the area that instead of just smoothing the area, the skin gets depressed like a dried fruit. buhuhu

Anyway, I think what I need now is a good facial cleaning and a diamond peel afterwards. If I can maintain it for like three months, I am sure that my face will greatly improved. The question is, would I be willing to shell out more than a thousand pesos each month just for my face?

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