Getting Married In a Tent

Every wedding for me is magical. Whatever set up it is, it is delightful because it is the union of two people in love. So whether it is held in a church, in a garden, at the beach, or in front of a judge, it is still a magical time–especially for the couple.

And thanks to the artists and creative wedding planners that we have nowadays, they have managed to arrange the most fantastic wedding set ups ever. As long as you have the budget to spend for it, they can whip up the most beautiful scenarios for your big day. It is no longer just tying the knot before family and friends. The day becomes both a spectacle and a great experience not only for the couple but for everyone present.

This tent is called the Double Maharaja by the Raj Tent Club. It can accommodate 120 guests for a sit down dinner or 70 to 80 guests with dancing. This is nice! And look at the quaint set up. Love!

One of the most romantic set ups I have seen is the wedding in a tent. No, I am not talking about those vinyl canopies that you often see in parks. These are lovely and elegant tents for hire that are specifically designed for weddings. Under these white temporary shelters are luxuriously designed interiors that match the wedding theme.

The hire of luxury tents has become very common that many companies have set up shop just to do this, such as the Raj Tent Club. They have many stylish tents of different sizes for small functions to big events of up to 600 people. You can easily coordinate with your wedding planner about the main design element for your event and then the tent company will match whatever your motif requires.

Oh it is just so lovely to hold your wedding in a sprawling garden estate under any of the luxurious tents for hire. Just look at the set up below. Isn’t it magical? The pictures would look very nice. 😀 If ever my husband and I would get married again, I would love for it to be under a tent. hihi

Isn’t this beautiful?

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