Going Around the Pacific Palisades Mansion of Hilary Swank

Just look at this patio. I could imagine sitting here having morning coffee or afternoon tea or evening wine… What a nice view!!! Photo from the internet.

Part of being a celebrity is being able to afford luxurious homes, like this one owned by Hilary Swank in the posh area of Pacific Palisades.

Purchasing it at $6 million several years back, Swank did not make some renovations on the home and now she is selling it at $9.5 million for a hefty profit of $3.5 million. It is not clear why she wants to sell this lovely piece of property but well, if you are into a home that has some sense of celebrity in it, then this one is really great for the taking.

Honestly, I love this house–celebrity owned or not.

Except for the rug, I love the spacious and airy master’s bedroom. So dreamy. Photo from the internet. This is the breakfast nook. I would love to wake up early to a scene like this. Photo from the internet. I love this touch of a side garden. Photo from the internet.

But if you want a cheaper alternative, then why not look at some pieces of Holden Beach NC real estate? They are not exactly cheap either but after the $9.5-million bid for Swank’s property, those at NC would feel like they cost so much less.

Note: All photos from zillow.com.

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