Going on a Road Trip in a Huayra Supercar

It is really nice to spend like one afternoon on a sunny weekend to just go on a road trip. The destination doesn’t have to be so far from the city, but it could just like a drive into a neighboring city that has a scenic coastline or countryside. Then you could roll down the windows and get a whiff of fresh air. Yup, the air so much fresher if you get farther away from the metropolis. And as long as you have a garmin trucker gps, you won’t have a problem getting lost.

While I was thinking about going on a road trip, it suddenly rained. Whoa! Is that God telling me not to go?

Anyway, so I browsed the net and came across the Pagani Huayra, an Italian-made supercar that has 700 horsepower. They exported it to the United States and the car is supposed to retail at $1 million for every unit. Just look at it cruise through a highway during a sunset. Photos taken from autos.yahoo.

However, before American lovers of speed can say hooray, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the United States has denied the selling of this car because of some safety measures that the car did not come with.

Oh well, if Pagani wants to sell their car in America, then they better comply.

Pagani had applied for an exemption from federal auto safety rules requiring child-safe “advanced” airbags, arguing that complying with the rule would have caused “substantial economic hardship,” according to documents from the .

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