Going Up in a Flying House Like in the Movie ‘Up’

I have watched the Disney Movie, Up, and honestly, I would really want to get on one and just soar up high in the sky. Imagine! hehe It is one heck of an imagination and a really colorful way to fly!

You see, I have never been on a hot air balloon ride and I have always dreamed of getting on one. I did go to the Napa Valley in California where hot air balloon rides were offered but we had bad weather that day so the ride was not possible. It was just too bad though because we never got to go back. It really sucks when the weather does not cooperate with your travel plans.

So when this movie came out and it is more outrageous and flamboyant, I thought I wanted it.

And now, my husband shows me this video clip from the National Geographic Channel and they actually made a small yellow house fly up the sky using 300 balloons that were each filled up with a tank of helium. Cool! I want!

At least we know that this is possible. hehe But this would be really, really expensive!

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