Good Words for My Husband

Our recent photo.

My Facebook friends have by now noticed that I post cheesy love quotes on my wall almost every day, tagging my hubby. It is not just for show, it is real, because well, we really are still very much in love with each other.

At the same time, I do that in order to make my husband feel good. There is power in the spoken word. We can either build up our husbands or tear them down with whatever we say. It also applies to our marriages. I believe that just as negative words will have bad effects on a person’s overall persona, the opposite is true with positive words and even more. The benefits are qualitative so you cannot measure it, but I can assure you, it is gratifying to me and to my husband.

No, we do not have a perfect marriage. We do have bumps along the road here and there, but I would rather celebrate the happy times and the nice memories than dwell on the negative. The former is much more empowering and it doesn’t just build the marriage, it builds hubby and I individually. Also, I would rather post nice things than air our dirty laundry. I am not a reality star so we don’t need scandals to keep our star shining. So I would rather dwell on the positive.

An example of a cheesy quote that I post on Facebook. I get most of these from

I asked hubby if it’s okay with him that I keep posting those messages on Facebook and tagging him. He said he is happy, but he is concerned that others might be put off with it. I thought about it, too, but then again, I said to myself, the message is mainly for my husband and secondly to others, as they might also find it nice to post for their spouses. But in order not to be too much, I don’t do it everyday anymore. haha

Our marriage may not be perfect–I get mood swings, we get hot-tempered, our budget gets short, our daughter can sometimes test us, we sometimes get sick–but it is indeed a happy and fulfilling one. 😀 We are happy to be with each other and that we ended up with each other and we can only thank God for it.

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