Great Honeymoon While Spending Time with Family and Friends

I remember than when we got married nearly three years ago, we did not immediately have our honeymoon because my in-laws had to take a trip to China and we were left to look after the store.

We traveled more than a month later but instead of just merely taking a vacation, we traveled to Cebu and Mindanao to visit my husband’s relatives, especially those who were not able to make it to our wedding.

At first we went to Cebu because I had a project there that required me to stay there for four nights. My boss was kind enough to give us a hotel room to ourselves so we were still pretty much honeymooning while working.

After the work period, we proceeded to Mindanao in order to visit relatives in Iligan City and his bestfriend in Cagayan de Oro City. After our Mindanao trip, we went back to Cebu where two of his cousins treated us to two nights in Club Ultima. We had such an adventure for our honeymoon.

But one thing that I dream of doing is touring Europe with my husband. I would like a canal holiday maybe in Venice and enjoy the sights and sounds while being steered by our gondola driver. That would be a real dream.

I so love Europe and the romance of the Old World there. It is a dream that I would like to someday come true. I hope that it will be in the near future. Perhaps, I can live there, too.

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