Growing Up So Fast

Last night, my husband and I were reading an online article about the 50 things that a father and daughter can do while she is still young. I did not finish the article because it brought tears to my eyes realizing that Dindin is really getting older by the day.

Before long, we would be contending with school, then parties, then boys, and then we would be choosing gifts for teenage girls instead of just picking out cutesy hair ribbons or fluffy skirts.

Right now, Dindin is really enjoying her wings and wands, toy crowns and tea pots, and sparkly jelly sandals. But she has grown taller, can express herself better, and she will be celebrating her third birthday in 2 months.

While I was counting the stuff that I already bought for her birthday party, I just realized that I could not turn back time. I will have to embrace each day as it comes because I cannot bring it back. Sometimes, I get too cooped with work that I take her for granted.

But she is growing up so fast that it seems I cannot catch up. Oh God, please grant me the serenity to enjoy

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