Halloween Parties vs Easter Parties

Yesterday, I went to Metrobank and saw witches walking around. No, I did not mistakenly go inside a different office. Yes, it was Metrobank Capitol branch alright and all the employees are dressed in Halloween costumes and were appropriately made up. It was cute to see.

Then I learned that yearly, they have a Halloween party with the families. I was told that in the previous years only the kids wore costumes but this year, even the employees agreed that they too will wear costumes. So they really bought theirs. On my way out I saw a table laden with goodies that were giveaways for the kids.

When I passed by Maybank, they too had their Halloween greetings on their glass panel wall and even had Halloween decors.

I believe that the purpose of these parties is fellowship. But I wonder, why Halloween and not Easter? Why do we promote the works of the devil and not the works of God? Seriously, why don’t we have Easter parties. Yeah, we do celebrate Easter in church and we have the Easter sunrise worship, but why not Easter parties and tell the kids about why there is Easter. It is resurrection Sunday! And we commemorate that.

All the malls and department stores have Halloween displays of Halloween costumes as early as September. And many have Halloween shows and costume contests. The kids love them because they are fun and they get goodies. The parents also like them because their kids get free treats.

But why don’t we have Easter shows and parties? Why don’t we celebrate it and make it as fun as Halloween. Halloween has pagan origins whereas Easter celebrates the Lord Jesus and how He rose from the grave to save us.

Now that I have thought about this, I will talk to our pastor about this. This would be a nice gathering, not just for Sunday school. Hmmm…why not, I think I will hold our own Easter Sunday party? I will ask our friends in church and invite their kids. I think that would be a great idea.

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