Hand in Hand

I think that I am a very blessed woman. I am very happy because I get to work with my husband in the sticker business that his family had set up long before we got married.

My strengths are in design and layout and my creativity has pretty much helped my husband with some clients’ requirements. And I am just glad that we have something that we can do together. We work pretty well together and we do not get sick and tired of each other. haha I think that is a good thing.

I have had existing clients ever since I worked freelance about 9 years ago and I introduced them to the services and products of the store. But since these are my clients for a long time, they are so used to paying me directly either in cash or in check. So the checks are paid directly to my name. Although I bill them using the store’s delivery receipt and checks should be made payable to the store, they still issue them to my name. hehe

But that is okay. I just deposit these company checks to my account and then I would issue another check or just withdraw in cash for the store. My husband share duties in the business, like design, layout, brainstorming on concepts, introducing new products, billing, collection, and even installation of projects from time to time. And we are very happy to be working together on something that we both love to do. 😀

We are really looking forward to making this as progressive as it can. To God be the glory.

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