Hardworking Day

No, it is not the day that is working hard. But I wanted to say that today is a working day despite being a special day for me. It is not simply work as well because I really have a lot of things to do. And I wasn’t feeling very well either that I slept most of the morning and some minutes in the afternoon.

To top it all off, we will have a cell group gathering tonight. It is our usual cell group every Wednesday night, but it is just that my natal day fell on the same day. I just hope that I will have the energy for tonight. I just feel like slumping in bed and sleep. But my mother has prepared food already. She texted me this afternoon that her food is ready. I, on the other hand, will just be bringing spaghetti, the vegetables for the homemade burger, the burger buns that will be buy along the way later, and also the ice tubes.

Anyway, here is a rundown of what I need to finish:

1. a Powerpoint presentation
2. a home video (photos compiled into a video)
3. rewriting articles
4. tarp layout
5. blog posts
6. desk name plates for a client’s products on display

That may sound like a pretty lot but that is fine as long as I feel good. But it seems that there is a nagging pain inside my head that is keeping me from thinking straight, especially in the writing of articles. Tsk tsk..God, please see me through this.

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