Having a Personal Maid

Yesterday, I had a really manic Monday. I have so much work to do that I could not even put our laundered clothes inside our cabinet. That is how busy I am. I am always running after things that I am already catching my breath.

Anyway, my sister in law and her family here for a visit. But they were not due to arrive until last night. But her maid was already here. Since I was so busy yet I still needed to go to the bank and deposit a check payment so that I have money to pay my credit card bill on Friday, I asked the yaya to go to the bank for me. And I am so happy that I did.

A thought just came to mind…it would be really nice if I could have my personal maid now. That would really take a lot of load off me. I mean at least somebody can do the cleaning of the room, the tidying up of toys, the mopping of the floor, the wiping of surfaces, the cleaning of the toilet and bath, the scrubbing of the sink, and maybe some errands, like buying some stuff at the grocery or medicines at the drugstore. And most of all, she can play with Dindin while I work or at least take off Dindin’s underwear when my baby needs to pee. Such things. These are simple things for a stay at home mom to do–a stay at home mom that does not have a full time job.

Ahhhh….hopefully, I can afford to hire a maid when I already have another baby. A good maid who can help me and also be my companion. I shall start praying for this.

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