Having Money Problems

My husband and I had a lot of money problems this year. Our expenses suddenly shot up because of illness in the family. Most of it were some ailments that hit my daughter while there were also times that my husband and I got sick because we were just too tired of working and taking care of our child. We were also very stressed with her health.

Because of these happenings, we were kept from working and earning efficiently. This went on for several months that we were almost at our wit’s end and our pockets and bank accounts were drained. We only had our faith and hope.

Thank God, it is already Christmastime and with His grace, we can still greet each other and have a very merry Christmas. We can still rejoice because we have survived such adversities.

Of course, I do wish that we have some extra money so that we are not so tight with our budget. But I guess God is teaching us more valuable lessons in life especially in the area of handling money and managing our finances. So maybe that is why we had to go through the problems that we had.

Anyway, I heard about the concept of Magnetic Sponsoring. I read a review that contradicts all its claims. I for one is not very good with marketing. I am a creative person and would rather keep to myself so it is very hard for me to picture out myself doing marketing stuff. Oh yeah, I am a member of some multilevel marketing companies but so far, no luck. I also have earned some money but these are only hundreds of pesos.

Oh well, I just say that MLM is not for everyone. And my work and strengths are different, right?

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