Having Tendonitis

When I was released from the hospital after childbirth, I accidentally let my handbag slide down my left arm. I grimaced in pain and that was when I first noticed a bump on my wrist. The next visit to my doctor, she suspected that it was a bone cyst so she referred me to a bone specialist. Of course, as it was not an emergency case and we were having a tight budget following my C-Section delivery, I did not go. If I can endure it for a while, why not? If it doesn’t get worse, then good for me.

While taking care of the baby, my two shoulders just sounded a pop and since then I would have difficulty carrying Dindin. My left hand was really very numb. About a month and a half later, the numbness was gone but my the joint or something of my left thumb became painful whenever I would do certain movements. Anyway, Dindin is almost five months now but I went to the doctor only the other day. One of the reasons is finances, but also because I hate going to the doctors’ because I don’t like to wait a long time for the them to arrive. I have so much work at home and going to the doctor’s means half a day of waiting. I understand how busy they are, but I am also busy, so if I can stand it, I don’t want to go to see a doctor. Additionally, I am already traumatized after three hospitalizations in less than 6 months’ time. Arrrgggh.

So the diagnosis is: the cover of my tendon is constricting the movements of my tendon, thus the pain and the bump on my wrist. And my thumb is not the only one affected. I have other fingers that were affected already but they are yet to the point of swelling. Doc says it is really the nature of my fingers that were prone to be like that. Anyway, thankfully, he did not recommend injections as yet, as long as my condition will be relieved by medication.

Please help pray for my condition. The injection for pain is really painful as well and very expensive, too. And we are prioritizing our expenses for our baby’s growing needs. And when I get the injection, my hand will be incapacitated for a week. So that means no work for me. Go away, tendonitis!

Thank you all! 😀

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