Having TV in the Bedroom

My husband and I have agreed that we will not have a television set in the bedroom because of the temptations that it brings. It is like having another person with lots of ideas inside your bedroom.

One such temptation is to stay glued on the TV without remembering the time because of the nice show. Then you forget that you both have not talked about the day’s events and when this continues, you will realize that the TV has been the third party in your relationship as a married couple.

Also, I don’t want TV so much but if it is on, I have the tendency to just keep on watching for the entire day. And that means less time for work and other things, like chores.

But because we needed a medium to show our baby’s educational videos, we had no choice but to buy an LCD TV out of our meager family budget.

It is actually nice having a TV with a cable connection in our bedroom. But, I also think it is a distraction. Just as I suspected, we got glued to it. We later found out that we no longer read with our daughter, Dindin, after dinner, as the TV was just on and we kept watching what was being shown, especially those reality shows.

Then one day, I just decided that we will no longer watch TV at night after dinner because that is our only time that we can spend together as a family. Our day is already cramped with work and other activities and if the TV gets in the way, then we are depriving Dindin of her family time. She deserves it. If we decide to watch a movie on DVD, we let Dindin go to sleep first and then we watch. Sometimes, it is already very late but these are the sacrifices that we have to make for our family’s well being.

TV and other things are good, but we just gotta have discipline. These things should not rule our lives because if we let them, they really can. They have to have their proper place.

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