Benefits from Nutritionals

We are just thankful that God gave us the wisdom to identify what was causing our daughter’s illnesses. She was just allergic to the fumes at the store and the avoidance of them has eradicated the problem. For almost a month now, she is all well whereas in the past she got sick in a span of every 1 to weeks.

We are now investing in her good health. We give her nutritionals, and she is taking quite a lot of things. These may be expensive as a whole, but we think that it is much more expensive to get sick. And we are in a lot of trouble when she is sick. We could not eat, we could not sleep, and we just keep on cleaning up after her vomit, running to and from the doctor’s clinic, the drugstore, or the lab. It is just frustrating!

There are many nutritional companies out there and the best thing to do is to find the right product for our children.

As for Dennis and myself, we are taking vitamin and mineral supplements. Additionally, we get on occasional cleansing seasons, like cleansing of the gall bladder and colon. We also eat oat meal occasionally because it is good for the heart. We just don’t do it often for concern about uric acid. hehe

We really hope to be living a healthier lifestyle. But food is just so irresistible!

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