Holding Big Events Would Need Professional Liability Insurance

Several years back, I remembered the tragic event during the anniversary of the ABS-CBN noontime show, Wowowee that was then hosted by comedian Willie Revillame.

The celebration that was supposed to bring happiness to people became a horrific event when there was a stampede and people got crushed to death when the gates opened. People just rushed to get inside but in the process, many died. It was a horrible time not only for the network, the show, and the hosts, but most especially for the families of the victims. While they came there at their own volition, needless to say, someone had to take responsibility for the deaths.

That is why, in big events like these, professional liability insurance should be in place. When there are casualties because of accidents and unforeseen events, it would be good to have an insurance coverage in place so that would help pay off damages and hospitalization expenses (if necessary). Although it will not completely make things right, but at least, there is money to pay off damages.

A big crowd at a big event like concerts and crusades is the measure of the event’s success. But if there are a lot of people around, then a lot of things can also happen. And the more people there are, the more liabilities there will be.

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