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I do not usually take care of my face so it is no wonder why I have had lots of pimples in the past and of course, pimple marks. As in they are really deep and pronounced. And with age, the marks have become deeper.

I have always thought that I have the perseverance to take care of my skin, I would have a better complexion. It is just that it is not my priority and I feel that I have better things to do. But really, I think that every woman should take care of their face. I am just blessed with a husband who doesn’t care about how I look–fat, old, ugly, and smelly, he loves me and treats me just the same. I don’t hear any maligning word about how I look.

So if ever I want to look good, it should be for myself and should not be done for anyone else. I think my husband would also like that but for him it is not a requirement for his love, affection and devotion. Thank God for that!

But anyway, today, I just thought of cleaning up my face. I applied some Pond’s Cold Cream on my face, massaged it a bit, and used my metal extractor to remove some comedones (blackheads) on my nose. Afterward, I wiped the excess cream from my face and proceeded to the sink where I scrubbed my face with the invigorating St. Ives Apricot Facial Scrub.

After some strokes, I rinsed my face with water then applied some Apricot Cool Gel Mask from Nutrimetics by Avon. I lied down on the bed to let the gel mask draw out the oils and also to relax my face. I also lied down because there is a lifting effect to it due to the work of the gravity on my face. The pull is downward so your face is lifted. But since I don’t have much time, I think I stayed on the bed for about 5 minutes only until I got up to rinse my face.

Next step is the application of the facial toner to tone the skin as well as to remove the rest of the dirt and dead skin that is left on the face. For this purpose, I used what I already have, the Belo Pore Refining Whitening Toner. This product was a winner during the COSMO Beauty Awards 2009, or so the sticker on the bottle says. Anyway, I need something to refine my pores because I have really large pores. I am not sure if this product is working, because after all I seldom use it.

After the toner, I put on some Garnier Light Moisturising Cream because I really need something that will lighten the new acne marks on my face. And please, no sebo de macho for me, because my face is already oily.

So that is it–my simple homemade facial process. I just hope that I have the will to do this every week so that my face will be clean and pimple free. I once read that the only way to keep skin with large pores clean and free from blemishes is to keep it clean always. Sigh…Hope I can do this. hehe

By the way, I would just like to mention that I have already taken out Dindin’s Easter basket with her Easter eggs and Easter toys. It is just something that I would like her to look forward to every Easter. She gets to play with her Easter toys on that special day. After that, they will be kept again. And now I am on the lookout for easy Easter recipes for whatever I can prepare for the family on that day.


4 thoughts on “Home Facial Treatment

  1. i am so tamad putting those creams on my face, i do it only once a month hehe. i just use a non comadogenic facial wash then put on Olay white, in the morning and at night before bed time. i have lots of facial creams given by my relatives from abroad, but they stay only in my dresser as decorations ahaha

  2. buti kapa mommy kahit simple routine meron ka. ako as in ligo lang talaga tapos i use bath soap pa on my face. tsk tsk super tamad!

  3. parang ang trabaho naman nito LOLz… ako kasi tamad mag gaganyan kaya napunta na lang ako facial center para magpa extract ng white and black heads :0

    1. oo nga e. now that i wrote it down, it seems a lot of work. but well, yeah, if i have the budget, i would really go to a facial care center. LOL

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