How and Where to celebrate Women’s Month in Your Lumina Community

Celebrate Womens Month with Lumina Homes community - work at home - women at work - women empowerment

Nothing can stop us from honoring the victories and strides of women from all walks of life this Women’s Month. Yes, not even a pandemic can stop women from contributing to the betterment of society. And as celebrations need not be grand, you can do them even within the comforts of your community, especially if you’re living in Lumina Homes.

Where Can You Go Safely this Women’s Month?

As one of the country’s leading affordable housing developers, it always puts residents’ needs at the forefront of its projects. A testament to this is its well-thought-out location and amenities, perfect for celebrating extraordinary occasions like Women’s Month.

So, here’s how and where you can celebrate Women’s Month in your Lumina community.

Support women-owned businesses at Tambayan Ni Juan

Many, if not all, Lumina communities have a Tambayan Ni Juan, which resembles a night market.

Take this opportunity to get to know the hardworking entrepreneurs here, especially those run by women. Apart from buying their products, take the chance to support their business by posting a good review on their social media page.

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~ eSpacio at Lumina Homes. ~

There are also live gigs at the Tambayan ni Juan from time to time! If you get the chance, go ahead and request women empowerment songs and jam with the bravest women in your life!

Set up a coffee date with the woman in your circle in a nearby coffee shop

Whether you want to catch up over coffee or plan with your gals how to start a business, a passion project, or a civic group, there are many lifestyle hubs where you can pursue your endeavors. 

Your Lumina home is near signature lifestyle brands such as Vista Mall, AllHome, Coffee Project, MEX, and many more.

Host a community meeting at the Multipurpose Hall

If you’re already part of a group of empowered women and you wish to hold a simple gathering, Lumina communities are made with Multipurpose Halls. Here, you can safely have a general assembly to discuss women’s history, raise awareness of issues women still face today, or create uplifting projects for the community.

Have a women’s day off at the Jogging Path

Perhaps you’re the kind of person who likes to keep her circle small. Maybe, you prefer staying away from the busyness and the limelight. Your Lumina community still has a space where you can celebrate Women’s Month your own way.

You may opt to empower your body and clear your mind at the jogging path. At the end of the day, looking after yourself and prioritizing your health and wellness is a vital step to empowerment.

5. Join Women at Work Online Contest

Honor the modern superwomen at the workplace who inspires you the most. Share on social media a photo of an inspiring woman at work and get a chance to win as much as P5,000 cash!

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How to Join

1. Share a photo on your Facebook or Instagram account of a “woman in action” (not limited to women in the workplace) who inspires you the most.

 If on Facebook, make sure to set your post to Public so we can view your entry. If on Instagram, set your account to Public also.

 2. In the caption, tell us in a maximum of 3 sentences what inspires you most about this person. Add the official contest hashtags: #LuminaHomes #LevelUp2022 #WomenAtWork

 3. Go to and select “Women at Work: Online Contest” on the event dropdown. Fill-in the required fields, and on the Message Box, place the link of your entry.

 4. Submit your entries until March 28, 2022.

An empowering future awaits you at Lumina Homes! To learn more about the exciting lifestyle you can have at Lumina Homes, visit

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