Hubby and Brother at the IMAX

Man of Steel at the IMAX

My brother Iman, his girlfriend Rosel and my hubby having a grand time at the IMAX. 😀

Because I could not go out and go with him to watch Man of Steel, I arranged for hubby to be able to watch it with my brother in Manila at the IMAX. As you know I am pregnant with our second child and was advised by my OB-Gynecologist to stay on house arrest because of premature contractions and some spotting. I could give birth anytime soon.

But I am not one to spoil my husband’s interests. After all, he doesn’t have much, but Superman is on top of the list. So when he went to Manila, he got a dream seat at the IMAX to watch the recent film about Superman. hihi It was a dream come true for him–both to watch Man of Steel and catching it at the IMAX. After all, it is not everyday that a Superman film is on at IMAX and that hubby is also in Manila at the same time, so it was a good opportunity for him to watch. He was there on a business trip and it just coincided with the showing of Man of Steel. What a nice coincidence, isn’t it?

They went with my brother’s girlfriend Rosel. So the three of them went out one Saturday night and hubby was very happy. He even wore his new Superman shirt that I gave him for Father’s Day. teehee Yeah, it is that easy to make him happy. Just the simple pleasures of life.

Up until now, I haven’t caught the film because I am still on house arrest until our second baby is born. And I don’t think I could go out and catch a movie even after the baby is born.

Oh well, many more nice movies shall come in the future. If not, I can always watch the DVD copy. hehe 😀 Our priorities are just different now, to say the least. We are adulting.

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