Hubby and His Birthday Celebrations Part 3

The guests for hubby’s birthday party are actually just his cousins and spouses. It was a family affair held at our dining room.

This is the third installment of Dennis’ birthday celebration. And this time I have photos.

So in the photo, that is about all of us gathered together with Dennis’ parents, cousins, and spouses. My siblings-in-law were all absent.

I ordered a small cake from Postre in Natives and just bought a separate Superman figurine as cake topper. Dennis likes Superman and kinda believes that he is so I thought it was a nice touch. hehe

Dennis blows his birthday candle. I wonder if he made a wish? hmmm hehe

So here is the birthday menu that we we prepared:
Two-sauce spaghetti (neapolitan and carbonara)
Mr. Chips with salsa
Pizza Calzone (which we ordered from Keira’s Pizza)
Corn cake
Roast chicken
Leona’s Banana cake (which Mama brought home from Cebu)
Buco salad (from my Nanay)
Ice cream (from the cousins)

Our family picture. I noticed that Dindin and I are wearing red and blue, respectively–the colors of Superman. LOL

I thought that we only had a very simple celebration but in the end, God provided for the rest that we had so much to overflowing.

After dinner, we were so full that some of us did not even reach dessert. We then have a sing-along but sadly, they were not able to borrow the song list. So eventually, they just played the card game Uno while Dindin watched.

Playing Uno with cousins.

We had a very long day but the most important thing is that Dennis was very happy. 😀

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