Hubby and His Happy Tummy for this Seafood Birthday Lunch

Our family lunch during Dennis’ birthday. 😀

Hubby celebrated his birthday yesterday. We just had a simple lunch at home attended by immediately family members. I really did not have the time and the energy to whip up a feast for a lot of people, but I was able to muster enough strength to prepare our seafood lunch.

You see, we had one hectic month. Yeah, October has been peppered with events almost everyday and naturally, I have to write about them. The journalist in me doesn’t want the happenings to become stale before I write about them. On top of that, I also had other responsibilities and jobs for other clients. In most of these happenings, I have to lug around the entire army because I can’t really leave them all at home. So well, it wasn’t only hectic–it was grueling!

But not to celebrate hubby’s birthday would be inexcusable on my part. I just told him though that we are only going to have a simple lunch though. The night before, I did not work anymore but slept early so that I could wake up early and go to market. When I went to the Burgos market, not only was I able to get the big shrimps that I wanted, I was also able to chance upon some alimango–his favorite. He wasn’t expecting this, but I knew that he loved it, so we cooked it first before showing it to him. The smile on his face was enough. hihi

So our menu for the day consisted of blanched oysters, sauteed shrimps with Italian seasoning, alimango in coriander, grilled pork, and Korean vermicelli. Needless to say, the birthday boy was so happy that I think his lunch lasted for more than an hour (and it is not because of leisurely eating LOL). But that’s ok. He deserves to binge on his birthday.

When you have a husband as sweet, loving, loyal, and affectionate as him, then you will really get up and prepare him a birthday surprise no matter how tired you are. Belated happy birthday to our Superhero! Love you Babe! Glad you enjoyed it! I’m sure your tummy was really happy! 😀

His gifts from me. hihi

By the way, I also got him three gifts for his birthday–I mean three Superman shirts. haha Only two are pictured here because I got the first one a couple of weeks before. hehe Yeah, Superman would be his favorite superhero.

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