Husband Appreciation Post: Tale of Two Women

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I think it was last month when Facebook feeds were filled with wives sharing their Husband Appreciation Post for the day. It was what they called the Husband Appreciation Day. I wanted to post something, too, but this is something that is deeper than usual so I thought that my husband deserves a blog post for this. This is the tale of two women who crossed paths with my husband.

My Husband Appreciation Post

Hubby runs a small business producing decals and printing tarpaulin posters. There were two women who were in the same line of work that he is in.

He had known these two women early on in the business. They were helping each other out, sharing suppliers and supplies, etc.

So here is the tale of two women that Dennis encountered and how different they had been.

Woman #1

The first woman, the older one, I am assuming, must have thought that she found a man too kind to handle.

So, in just a short span of time and with no mincing of words, she conned my husband. I won’t go into details about how and I won’t name the person, but it had been 14 years now, and she still has an unpaid balance. It might not be a big amount for some, but for a small business like ours, it was very significant. Plus, the broken trust and ruined relationship.

Looking back at the scenario, I think that she really planned to scam my unsuspecting husband and take advantage of his kind nature.

Honestly, I felt bitter and unforgiving toward this person. I work very hard to contribute to our family income and here is one person who did not really need charity, but just easily took a big chunk out of our family budget. Moreover, I was so bitter because of the injustice done to my husband. I can take the injustice done to me, but not to my husband. The hurt becomes deeper.

After many years, I have forgiven and let the debt go because I don’t want to live with bitterness. She may have scammed us for money but I won’t have to answer for that to our God. However, I have not forgotten.

Woman #2

The second was a younger woman who was very driven in her business. She can drive my husband crazy with her demanding deadlines. She will call at night, early in the morning, and even during weekends.

Nevertheless, they have worked together for many years, helping each other out.

However, something unfortunate happened. She got sick and eventually succumbed to her illness.

But on her hospital bed, as she lay waiting for the Lord to allow her last breath, she messaged my husband. She said that she wants hubby to take over her business because “you are the most honest man I know.”

That really brought tears to my eyes.

Given the Same Circumstance

These two women experienced the same generosity, kindness, and servant humility from my husband. They both responded differently. One made use of the business lifeline for years and kept on expanding while the other cut off ties with a measly amount. Smells like the work of a very familiar character in the Bible.

In life, we may be shown different scenarios but how we act and react towards them is entirely up to us. It could be our attitude, our values, or our upbringing.

Now, why did I write this Husband Appreciation Post? Because I want to honor my husband. We may not have a big business empire or have lots of earthly wealth. But to echo what his late friend said, he is the kindest and most honest man I know, too.

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  1. Thanks for sharing ma.Kapag mabait ka talaga daming mag-ti-take advantage pero si Lord laying may reward sa mga taong patuloy na gumagawa ng kabutihan sa kabila ng pananamantala ng iba.God bless you and your family.

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