A Quick Change

My husband promised to take me to the mall to watch a fireworks display contest. He said he will pick me up at 8pm, after his practice. Then we will just buy food at Mcdonalds Drive Through.

After some time of waiting, he finally showed up past 9pm.

i know that he was out practicing and not doing foolish stuff, but I am also very impatient person. And i am a very prompt person, too. I keep my appointments to the dot, even if these are just casual engagements. So you can just imagine how this situation should be affecting me.

Should. I said should because in the past, after 10-15 minutes of waiting from the appointed time, I would already be fuming. With other people, I don’t easily blow my top off, as of course, there is the shame factor. But with my husband, it is easy to rant and rave.

But this time, I didn’t. Itold myself that whether we catch the fireworks show or not, what is important is that he is home safe and that we are together. We can still just spend time at Mcdonalds if we wanted to.

Anyway, he came to pick me up a little past 9pm. Then we went straight to mcdonalds. I wasn’t very sweet, but I was still very kind to him because I love him and I knew he is already very tired and hungry. Then we bought food and proceeded to the mall. Well, it turned out that the 8pm display started an hour and a half late! So fuming would not have helped us but would just put us both in a bad mood.

We ate our food inside the car by the roadside because parking was no longer available inside the mall’s parking lot. It turned out to be a good thing because it was easy for us to get out of the traffic and to go home immediately after.

My husband and I had a good time. And it would not have been possible if I had been impatient.

Thank God that He continues to mold me to become the person that He wants me to be.

My husband and I are in such a good mood that after the fireworks display we also took pictures of establishments that had Christmas decors. So we both had a really good time! 🙂

How about you? Do you have these instances when you patience is tested and a lot of the things that are about to happen are determined by your attitude?

Well, I am glad that I did not go on a bad mood. So we had a good time!

4 thoughts on “A Quick Change

  1. hihi.. it’s funny because if u read on my birthday blog, something similar happened :o)

    visit ha…

  2. It is very important not to vent off when our hubby is tired. They get easily irritated, thinking they have worked hard for the family’s sake and what do they get in return? a yelling wife to come home to?

    I was very temperament with my ex-es, before I finally met my hubby and he somehow can control and tone down my emotion. Now it feels a lot better and I dont get irritated when things are not going as scheduled, even given the fact that I am actually a perfectionist to details.

    Good on us eh? (^-^)

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