Having PCOS

Yes, I have PCOS and it is the reason why I haven’t conceived until now. Today, I tested because I have been delayed, but it is negative. I am delayed because I do not ovulate. I started researching on PCOS and vitamins that can help me. I think I will change my multivitamins. I can’t stand Centrum that is made in the USA, so I might use a local substitute but still has the right amounts of nutrients. We have been married 9 months already and still no promising sign. But thank God for the internet, I researched about PCOS and vitamins that can help. If I will have sufficient nutrients in my body, symptoms like these will diminish.

Adequate levels of vitamins and minerals may improve these health issues:
• Acne.
• Depression.
• Diabetes.
• Hair loss.
• Heart disease.
• Hirsutism.
• Hormone imbalances.
• Infertility.
• Miscarriage risk.
• Overweight.

I still have pimples until now. I easily get depressed. Yeah, my hair has thinned significantly. I have homornal imbalance, infertile and overweight. Well, that is a majority of the symptoms. I am going to get a new supplement later.

4 thoughts on “Having PCOS

  1. Hi! I love your PoshPost blog and I visited this as well – very nice idea to keep this blog.

    anyway, if you need help conceiving and your problem is hormonal, there is a functional food you can “eat”, though it is packaged in capsule form.

    It is called Pearlin by E. Excel International. You might want to surf the net for the website. The products are there and since they are categorized as food under BFAD, they are safe and have no side effects.

    Hope this helps! Bye!

  2. thank you hot momma. my mama in law is a member there. i will ask her when she gets back. thanks for the tip! 🙂

  3. i also had this and was corrected by meds. i just feel the need to ask you this… are you from the philippines? because if you are, i might be able to refer you to a good doctor.

  4. hi pia! yeah, i am from the philippines. i already had clomid for 2 cycles. i turns out that i am not “hiyang”. i felt really bad and i had painful menstruation. reallypainful. so i stopped. i am menstruating now. i dunno, we just continue to pray. may the Lord bless us, too. 🙂

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