I Married Someone Who Trusts Me Completely

Hubby and I on the eve of our wedding–May 26, 2007. It was a family gathering.

“I married someone who…

Loves me without restriction.

Trusts me without fear.

Wants me without demand.

Accepts me for who I am.”

I remember that for the most part of our 7.5 years of dating before we settled down, I was traveling all over the country and abroad, many times with men–young and old. That was part of my job.

In all those times, my husband (who was still my boyfriend at that time) never tried to stop me or maliciously question me about my whereabouts, what I did, or who I was with. Even when he saw pictures of the people I am with, he never said anything that indicated that he was jealous. In fact he was happy for me that I get to experience different things, visit different places, and try out different foods. If there is one thing that he is probably longing for, that is he could also share in my experiences because he loves adventures like what I had.

Despite our many fights in the past, we never fought because of unwarranted jealousy on his part. He trusts me completely, loves me unconditionally, and has accepted me for who I am and is proud of my accomplishments. He has let me pursue my dreams and passions and reach my goals, giving me freedom to do the things that I love to do. He also encourages me to try new things that he thinks I can do but do not have the courage to start.

So Babe, thank you for the love, trust, and acceptance all these years–my job, my crazy hours, my independent lifestyle, my totality. 😀 I love you so much, Babe. ♥ ♥ ♥ You are God’s appointed and anointed for me. You are God’s best for me. And I sure am glad and thankful that I waited for the right time and the right man. 😀 The waiting part was not easy, but the results are definitely worth it.

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10 thoughts on “I Married Someone Who Trusts Me Completely

  1. Wow! 7.5 year before settling down is a big thing! I vow for your husband’s love for you, dear! It only goes show to show his love for you is so SUPER DUPER ULTRA BIG. Lots of girls out there are having quite a difficulty finding the right one (exclude me there). Keep your love faithfully growing!

  2. Wow your so lucky to be with him.Trust is the no.1 foundation to a relationship to last forever.Keep sharing your wonderful moment with your partner!

  3. I would like to congratulate to both of you,hoping that it will be forever…Your love story is such a meaningful and especial and inspirable for us no matter what happen or what I can say is… “Sa hinaba haba man ng prosisyon sa simbahan din ang tuloy” ..:-)

  4. I believe trust is a big part of having a great relationship. Without it I don’t think a relationship would work out well. I salute your better half for that. More years of togetherness for both of you.

  5. Such a wonderful post. With all the stories about annulment and divorce circulating in the media, it’s comforting to know that there are still married couples like you (and us, too) that thrives and will do everything to make the marriage work. In our relationship, my hubby is the more trusting and I’m the jealous type, well, that was before. Now, I fully trust my husband. I was just a little immature back then. May God always bless your marriage. keep the fire burning! 🙂

    1. That’s good to hear sis. We all have our shortcomings and misgivings in our marriages. But the best thing is to work on constant improvement, not just for our marriage but for ourselves, too. 😀

  6. The first words that I read in this post is “7.5 years of dating before we settled down”. And I thought “Am I reading my own love story?”

    So glad to know that in this new generation there are still couples like us who prefer to take time knowing each other before getting married. That may be the reason why we are able to give full trust and enjoy making our other half happy.

    1. hahaha Yeah. It was a long wait but God had to iron out the kinks in our relationship before He put us together in marriage. 😀 Still not perfect but far better than when we first met. 😀

  7. I guess I am also lucky like you. My husband trusts me completely and I feel good and great about it. Helps me become a better person.

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