I Miss My Wedding Ring!

Yeah, you read it right–I do miss my wedding ring. And this is not because I lost it, I just can no longer fit into it! Waaaaa I am soooo fat now that my ring finger could no longer be inserted into my ring. buhuhuhu

I think that is really sad because when we got married, my ring had an allowance. And now, it can’t even get past that bone in the middle of my finger. Sigh…I really need to lose weight. But I can only remember this when I am sitting here in the front of the computer by the end of the day and thinking about the things that I ate throughout the day that made me breathless from bloating.

Sigh…By the way, these are our wedding rings during our wedding day almost four years ago. We will be celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary this month and I am going to share it with you, dear readers, with an anniversary giveaway. 😀 So watch out!

One thought on “I Miss My Wedding Ring!”

  1. Congrats on your 4th anniversary…
    I don’t miss my wedding ring, because I had it pawned …hahaha… that was months after my ex-hubby gave up on our marriage.

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