I Survived the Heat Challenge at Buffalo’s Wings and Things Bacolod

Can you take the heat at
Buffalo’s Wings and Things Bacolod?
Celebrating National Wing Day


hottest chicken wings
I earned my spot at the Wall of Flame at Buffalo’s Wings and Things Bacolod.

I really like spicy food and our friend Rey John Asparin of Fogo Grill Bacolod knows about it so he challenged me to take the Wingsanity Challenge at Buffalo’s Wings and Things Bacolod, owned by Justin and Jessa Chang. Not one to buck down on spicy food, I thought it was interesting. It was National Wing Day last July 26, 2016 at all the Buffalo’s Wings branches nationwide and so it was a good reason to try their food and also do the challenge.

Buffalo's Wings and Things waiver
Upon ordering my Wingsanity, I was made to sign a waiver. I forgot what it said though.

Everything actually went in a blur because we were with friends and it was a festive day, as many people dined there to take advantage of the half price offer for a pound of wings. So when I ordered the Wingsanity, first, I was made to sign a waiver. You would think that it was just a gimmick, you know, to sign a waiver, but it is not actually.

About Wingsanity

I got a half pound of Wingsanity, which is the hottest plate of chicken wings at Buffalo’s. It is a half pound of Champion Buffalo Wings tossed in their ultimate fiery wing sauce and is rated 1,000,000 Scoville Hot Units (SCU). I had with their signature dirty rice, which is also mildly spicy. For drinks, I had Moutain Dew and cold water.

Wingsanity at Buffalo's Wings
This is half a pound of Wingsanity. Looks like a small order but don’t let it fool you.
dirty rice
So I had my Wingsanity with one cup of dirty rice, which is the only rice available at Buffalo’s Wings.

And so I braved it without prior preparation for my mouth as well as my tummy.

For the first 2-3 pieces, I did take frequent sips of my Mountain Dew. But after that, my taste buds because numb already and I kept eating. I did not really sweat it out, though Rey John warned me that I would. It was only later that I realized that the aircon was blowing right at me and I didn’t notice it at all while eating. haha Well, I did get a runny nose. I kept sniffing while eating. haha

Buffalo's Wings and Things
Wifey kept documenting my meal.

Eventually, I finished the entire serving, with only my wife (Sigrid Says) trying out one bite and she could not stand it because she said that it kinda burned on her throat. After we were done trying out the other dishes, a staff brought a little container of their blue cheese sauce and was told that it was supposed to neutralize the rather spicy wings that we ordered. What? So meaning to say, I only had drinks to help me down their hottest plate of wings? Wifey said that well, I had more bragging rights because I had no cheese sauce when I had my Wingsanity. haha

They then awarded me with this certificate and took my photo for their Wall of Flame. Pretty neat.

Buffalo's Wings and Things
My certificate for braving the hottest plate of wings at Buffalo’s Wings and Things. One for the books. hehe

A half-pound order of Wingsanity is P149. Yeah, just P149 for a smoking hot plate of Buffalo wings.

Buffalo’s Wings and Things Bacolod
Located at The Billboard
23rd Lacson Streets, Bacolod City
Negros Occidental, Philippines
Open daily from 10am to 11pm

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