In Sickness and In Dental Health

I am very concerned with our dental health because that was inculcated to me by my paternal grandfather who was a dental assistant. When I was a young girl, he would clean my teeth regularly. He would also bring me to his dentist-friends if I needed a tooth extraction.

As I was growing up, I would brush my teeth like three times a day. I also floss my teeth because my pearly whites are so close to each other that they do not have room to breathe. That is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and tooth decay.

The regular dental check-ups, at the very least once a year, continued until I was already pregnant. But that was the last time. Now Dindin is already more than two years old and we have not gone to the dentist anymore. It seems that we are always short of time and budget to do that.

Last Thursday, during the SMAC Sale at SM, we bought two battery operated toothbrushes. It is made by Watsons. We did not buy the brush refills yet because that costs P199 for a set of 4. So we will wait for another SMAC Sale event to buy it.

Anyway, I like it. I think it is really a good buy. When I would use this toothbrush, my teeth feel really clean. After all, it simulates the cleaning movements of the automated brushes used by dentists. For now, I think this is okay. Although we may still have to visit the dentist soon, this is good maintenance. And we bought this pair for only P450 because of the 10% discount during the sale. I am so happy with this purchase. This is half the price of a single visit to the doctor for the two of us.


3 thoughts on “In Sickness and In Dental Health

  1. Hmmm…that may be a good idea, as my daughter isn’t fond of brushing her teeth. Does Dindin like using that battery-operated toothbrush?

  2. my youngest son Yahmir loves to use the battery-operated toothbrush, he told me it cleans well rather than his manual toothbrush lol

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