Independence and Freedom

Our daughter Dindin sleeping on a sofa bed during our vacation in Iligan.

If there is anything I could be thankful for in our vacation to Iligan two weeks ago, that is the development that Dindin finally decided that she wanted to be independent–at least in terms of bedtime.

You see, Dindin co-sleeps with us–she’s in between her Papa and I. And this has been our set up from since we were discharged from the hospital. That was fine at first but then Dindin is now much bigger and also stronger. She always kicks me and punches me on my abdomen that I usually wake up with a painful lower abs.

When she saw the sofa bed in Iligan, she just climbed up during her bedtime and slept. It was like something that she did everyday. Waaaaa We were so surprised. So when we went back to Bacolod, we bought her a sofa bed (even if we do no yet have a budget for it) just so she will not have a chance to change her mind. hehe

This is Dindin’s sofa bed in our bedroom at home.

And we are so happy. It just feels so good to be able to snuggle up to hubby every night or just hold his hand when we sleep. In the past, I have to go down and go to his side just to hug him for the night. And it is not even a kinky thing. I don’t know, somehow the couple in this marriage was just brought together again.

I am just thankful that we did not force Dindin to do it. She just sort of matured overnight and decided that she should be independent. And with her independence comes our freedom as a couple. It did not take an event production for this milestone to take place. And no stress for both parties. 😀

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  1. very true… even without us couples doing anything – u know – just hugging makes us feel – US – 🙂 hopefully you or she won’t have the “widrawal” symptoms after sometime… haha… our girls are growing na gid no? 🙂

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