Is Being in a Comfortable Relationship Good or Bad?

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Let’s face it — everyone wants to be comfortable in life. Whether it’s in our home, office, restaurant, car, or hotel, we seek to find the most comfortable setting. We want to feel good always because we don’t want to suffer. After all, being uncomfortable becomes inconvenient and sometimes, even feels painful. But what about in a relationship or marriage? Is being in a comfortable relationship a good thing? Or will it lead to its downfall?

That is why, sometimes, in our desire for comfort, we are also led into a comfortable relationship. Most of the time, the transition is subconscious, but it happens. There are pros and cons to it, so check out below how you can navigate around it.

Advantages of a Comfortable Relationship

When the relationship or marriage gets comfortable, then the part where you have to prove your worth to the other person is over.

A comfortable relationship can positively impact other aspects of life, such as work performance, social interactions, and overall happiness, creating a ripple effect of positivity.

You have reached the climax of pleasure and now the connection has settled into a plateau. There is no struggle anymore, just blissful togetherness. Of course, there are occasional disagreements, but these are minor and are handled with respect.

Ultimately, a comfortable relationship provides a foundation for mutual respect, support, growth, and happiness, contributing significantly to the overall quality of life for both partners involved.

Disadvantages of a Comfortable Relationship

While there is no longer a struggle, chances are that when the relationship gets “too” comfortable, new struggles may also arise. Sometimes, the thing called “familiarity breeds contempt” may arise.

That’s when affection and even respect start to wane. Complaints will become more prevalent and these will pile up, like a cancer that will eat up into the relationship. If the couple is not careful, a bitter break of a once much-in-love couple may become inevitable.

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Vigilance in a Relationship

As vigilant as you are with your branded bag so that it doesn’t get scratched or stained, you should be more vigilant when it comes to your relationship and especially your marriage. That is more valuable than your possessions.

You should watch out for leaks and cracks where the essence of an emotional separation is seeping through. If anything, use this time of familiarity to become closer to each other. Since you already know each other so much, it would be easier to make each other feel more special. The effort will no longer be that much but the results are far more rewarding.

So when that time comes, make use of the “comfortable relationship” stage to your advantage. It can either be good or bad but you have the power in your relationship to make it a good ride for you and your partner or spouse.

Have fun!

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