Jam-packed Date Night

It has been about two or three months since Dennis and I went out on a date night. Yeah, while others do it once a week or maybe once a month, we do not have a regular schedule. We go on a date whenever we can and that is very few and far-between.

Tonight, we thought of going out. We left Dindin with my MIL’s maid and then Dennis and I went to Firehouse Cafe near University of St. La Salle. The food was good and cheap. And the place was airconditioned so we had a relaxing time. No food photos because I will reserve it for my food blog.

After filling out tummies, we took a walk along the university avenue and then I mentioned to my husband that suddenly I felt OP because I felt old with all the teenagers passing me by. Geezz…A couple of years ago, I would have easily blended in but now, I suddenly felt old. I told Dennis that I need to take care of myself already because he looks young and I look like his aunt already. LOL My husband just laughed.

We strolled for about 20 minutes. We decided to get dessert at Bascon’s Cafe along Lacson Street. We learned that they had a Mongolian bar for only P99. But since it is cheap, it is only good for one serving.

On the way home, we passed by Bob’s Restaurant to buy some food for the house and then at Jollibee to get French fries for Dindin.

All in all, we went out for about 3 hours but it was already rejuvenating for us. Yeah, we are still busy and I have pending work but the time off to be with each other relaxed us and just inspired us.

Thankfully, Dindin is more mature and when I told her that Papa and Mama are going on a date, there was just a little hesitation and after some explanation, she happily allowed us to go. So maybe, we can do this more often. 😀

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