Julia Dale and the National Anthem

Perhaps the newest singing sensation in America is the 10-year-old Julia Dale who sang America’s National Anthem, Star Spangled Banner during the NBA Finals game between Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks. She belted out their national anthem on NBA’s biggest stage in front of thousands of screaming NBA Fans.

Not too many people like her though, saying that she is not a very good singer and that she was shouting more than singing. Honestly, for a 10-year-old child to stand up on stage with such confidence is already a feat in itself. Of course, she does not sing like your favorite pop stars yet, because she is only 10, for goodness’ sake. I think she is better than some artists who sang in such public events and made booboos.

I just think that the people who dislike her are jealous, after all, not everyone is given the chance to do that. Or they may have kids of their own and they would rather have their children up there. Well, too bad, Julia was chosen and not your kids, so chill, okay?

If you are interested, here is a video of her that I got on You Tube.

That was a great game that night between Miami and Dallas and it was filled with so much action and testosterone supplements that work. The crowd was wild. I have yet to see an NBA game in action. Not that I would want to spend money on it, but well, if I will be invited to one, why not? hehe

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